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Choosing appliances in keeping with period styles is both important and challenging. . .we have assembled some examples of beautiful and appropriate appliances which tend to complement the most popular New Zealand styles.



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Lacanche cooker Lacanche Cookers are the RollsRoyce of freestanding stoves. . . each piece is handmade in France by a singe craftsmen. . .
There are a whole variety of design combinations, colours and models available. . .these are proffessional chef quality stoves, intended for the passionate domestic kitchen cook!

We are very pleased to be able to supply these from our dear friends at La maison France, the New Zealand distributors. See the Lacanche range here

Lacanche cooker Liesure Cookers are period style appliances where quality and economy are important factors in your kitchen project. . .

See the range of gas and electric. . 60, 90 and 100 cm models here

Lacanche cookerBelling are another British supplier who offer the old-fashoined look we are after in a range of freestanding ovens. . .apart from quality there unique specialty is to offer the appliances in a great selection of colours including matching to your colour of choice!

See their Richmond series here

Falcon cookersFalcon cookers are manufactured by AGA and are made in the UK. . .we feature a 'Classic 90' Rangmaster cooker in out 'Recent work' section. . .

These cookers come in all electric or dual fuel (gas hobs) and a selection of suitable period colours.

The Falcon range

Smeg retro cookersSmeg have a range of free standing 900mm ovens in cream and black which can be suitable for a period kitchen. . . .

Smeg retro fridgeSmeg also have a range of Retro style fridges in several colours which can.sometimes add a touch of bygone days!

Smeg retro dishwasher. . .and the Smeg dishwasher can add an echo from the past as well. . .

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