Opus libero The Furniture Original 400 Pantry furniture
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Because each piece of furniture is custom made, size, materials and design are open to the skies!

  • To help decide how best to fulfill your particular requirements however, we have isolated specific Design Elements which may be combined to create a satisfying kitchen space which is workable for you.
  • A bench height cupboard door for example is ‘Design Element 1’ and may open to the left or right and have a width from 150mm say, to 500mm.
  • We have assembled a library of ‘Design Elements’ to help you resolve your furniture designs and communicate them to us.
  • We have also put together some example Design Element Combinations so you can see the possibilities available and how charming the furniture can be!
  • Under our Style section we present some of the current furniture design concepts. . . but as we said, the sky is the limit!