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Kitchen cabinets can be just boxes. . .
but by simple attention to detail we can add flavour. . .character and charm which compliments the architecture, style and period of the rest of your house. . .and adds to your enjoyment of the kitchen!



Knobs and Handles



Furniture Timbers




Ceiling tiles


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SINKS Double Ceramic Sink
Every detail including the kitchen
makes a difference!
Again we have majored on the characteristic ceramic sink, but we can also supply a large variety of stainless and granite sink inserts for both over and undermount situations to suit your needs.

See our sink range here
and taps here.

Handles and  Knob examples Just the simple choice of handle or knob can make a huge difference to the style and feeling of your kitchen.

Have a look at our handle range
We have chosen fairly traditional style handles and knobs to set off our authentic kitchen furniture look. . .but there is also a large range of more contemporary handles which may suit you better.

Bench-top materialsBench-top detailing, material, colour, pattern, thickness and surface finish all play a part in the usability, durability and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.
The more dense timbers make good tops though the old scrubbed kauri kitchen bench is a New Zealand classic and a distressed somewhat 'lived in' look can be quite charming!
Stone is also appropriate though can have some practical limitations. . .
See our top options here.

Plate rack detailThe shape and scale of the furniture together with the addition of style details like cornice, plinth, brackets and shaped legs or feet are all opportunities to tailor the look you want.

You can add pattern and texture with plate racks, artistic door vents and grills, strongly graphic wood grain and paint finish effects. . .

Timber examplesThe furniture is predominantly made from timber. . .there is a wide selection to choose from though supply can vary.

The wood can be sealed to preserve it's natural colour. . .or oiled to enhance the depth of the grain. . .or presented with a polished surface. . .or glassed for a super tough finish.

It can be painted in a variety of colours and effects. . .

Capping DetailsThe top molding, cornice or capping you chose to detail your tall and or wall furniture also indicates different styles and periods of your kitchen.

Leg or Plinth DetailsAnd likewise the plinth, kick-board or legs you detail for all your kitchen furniture will indicate style and reference to kitchen history or national origin.

Chair stylesThe chairs you choose are important because besides looking the part, they are the place where you rest. . .relax and enjoy your kitchen setting. . .your friends and family. . .good food!

We continue to find ways of increasing the range of chairs to compliment your kitchen design.

Here is our chair section.

Period Ceramic TilesCeramic Tiles are a distinctive feature of the traditional unfitted kitchen and we are fortunate to be able to supply a range of authentic tiles which will enhance many of the kitchen styles we are promoting here.

See the range here

pressed metal ceiling tilesPressed Metal Ceiling Tiles are a common feature in larger Victorian villas...
We are able to source a wide range of original design ceiling tiles and accessories. . .these include ornate Victorian, Nouveau and Deco designs.

See the range here

Leaded Stained Glass and Etched Glass DetailsWe are associated with skilled craftsmen in glasswork who can custom make any leaded or copper foil detailing we may want and suppliers of made to order etched glass designs scaled and reproduced faithfully to original patterns.
Design Plans
Details of Craftsmanship
Dovetail jointed drawers
Traditional craftsmanship

Craftsmanship and original construction details are extremely important to us at Opus libero. . .we use traditional mortise and tenon joints. . .and dovetail joints for drawer boxes. We can however discretely incorporate modern devices and appliances where appropriate and to make the kitchen more usable and accessible.

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