Style is an important factor in the continuity or at least harmony with the architecture of your home and expresses your own particular preferences and areas of comfort.

Style can come from various periods in history. . .when it was born and nationality. . .where it was born.

Here we shall point to some styles we have visited. . .but you may have other themes, which you might wish to see expressed!

Our first port of call is our classic style. . .it is inspired buy the original European and especially English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh kitchen furniture. . .it is not ornate or pretentious but beautiful in its simplicity and necessity of design.

It is the sort of furniture the European settlers in New Zealand had in their cottages and villas.

This style can be sealed to give a natural wood look. . .it can be bleached to look stripped or given a clear finish in varying levels of gloss. . .it can be painted in suitable colours

Also it may be distressed or aged to some degree if that helps it to blend with the life your home has already had. . .

Irish Dresser circa  1840











Ceiling tiles

Present work

We have a range of furniture we call 'Essence' which has been reduced to the essential elements of the classic kitchen furniture style.

At present there are four pieces of furniture in the range. . .a sink cabinet, a corner cabinet, a pantry and a side or island piece.

Have a look at this range here

Essence range

From 1870 to the early 1900s we were strongly influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement from England. Chapman Taylor brought a pure 'back to nature' and craft aspect to our architecture and the style came through the interior design and furniture details to become part of our own New Zealand style.
The style includes a lot of medieval and gothic elements. . .shaped brackets, vertical rails, black iron work, jointed frames and oak.

This style in turn led to the Craftsman and Mission styles in America which we were also influenced by here.

Reproduction Arts and Crafts

The Craftsman style in America was often a bit over the top with busy detail! . . .but here, as with all the styles which have contributed to our New Zealand style, fashion took a long time to travel to our distant shores and when it did arrive we were satisfied to accommodate it to our simpler living conditions in a simplified form.

There are many diverse elements coming through from Oriental, Egyptian, Spanish Mission and Japanese styles synthesized in the Craftsman style and epitomized in the work of Green and Green, architects in the US.

American Craftsman

The Art Nouveau movement was concurrent with the Arts and Crafts period and centred more in France, Germany and Belgium. . .it was a very exuberant style, full of curves and natural plant, insect and animal motifs arranged in abstracted patterns.
We can undertake stained glass, and source hardware fittings in this style. . .and supply a range of hand painted tiles in the original glaze colours and Art Nouveau designs you might like to consider as suitable detailing for your kitchen.
You may view this delightful and comprehensive range here

Art Nouveau details

Art Deco from 1920's to 1940's was specifically expressed in New Zealand and particularly concentrated in Napier, Marewa and Hastings. It has sunburst motifs conveying the dawn of the modern age. . .speed, power and flight. . .the geometry of machines and technology which was the promise of a bright future!
Paradoxically there was also a fascination with ancient civilizations: Egyptian and Aztec themes are evident.
Art Deco details

style is not exactly a founding member of New Zealand interior design but we have included it here because for some settings it is the perfect synthesis of basic simplicity and bare functional form.

The interiors are usually uncluttered to the point of being sparse and everything, it seems, is designed to make 'clearing the decks' easy! The classic peg board detail around the walls at head height is used to hang the few necessary accessories including the chairs when they are not in use.

Eg Shaker kitchen

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