Opus libero Freestanding kitchen furniture
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Opus libero Freestanding kitchen furniture
Green Wood

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Opus libero draws on highly skilled craftsmen to produce custom pieces of kitchen furniture.
There is a major shift back to the idea of making the kitchen a comfortable, homely and inviting place to live.
In Europe the ‘unfitted kitchen' is the fastest growing trend. . . maybe here in New Zealand we are also ready to embrace an alternative option to the boxy, fitted laboratories we have valued so much!
With this in mind we have decided to embark on a mission to make some really beautiful furniture. . .having integrity and deeply rooted in the traditional craftsmanship of our past. . . a joy to use and be around!
The idea is to take a virtually empty room and choose useful, handsome items of furniture to put in it. . .the same as we do with the other rooms in our houses.

We have started with a traditional flavour, reminiscent of Irish, Welsh and European kitchens of a hundred or so years ago. . . but we would also like to express themes such as ‘Mission’, ‘Arts and Crafts’, ‘Deco’ and ‘Shaker’, all of which to some degree have influenced and become part of our architectural, craft and graphic history.
The furniture suits our New Zealand villas and bungalows perfectly. . . but because of its timeless quality it also has a place in our contemporary interiors.
Although this is firmly planted in a historic tradition it is an opportunity to burst out from our square box mentality. . . to be liberated from our ”fixed to the wall” thinking. . .
Opus libero!!