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Hand crafted chair by Jasper Murphy We are very fortunate to be able to offer chairs made by Jasper Murphy.

Jasper mostly makes his post and rail chairs of green kanuka and manuka. . .using age old craft methods to cut, shape and join the hand made parts together. . .there is no petrol, electricity or glue used in the construction!. . .the result. . .a fine, honest aesthetic, beautiful and extremely durable. . .suitable for many of our kitchen styles.

This is a Manuka spindle-back side chair.

Jasper Murphy spindle turning on a pole lathe Jasper turnes the spindles on a foot powered pole lathe.

Oak corner chair by Jasper MurphyHere is a lovely oak corner chair.

cottaqe chair by Jasper Murphy

Spindel back carver and side chair in Manuka.

NZ hand made  chairThis manuka slate back has the style and simplicity of a clasic shaker ladder back. . . but it has steam bent back legs which give the chair a comfortable back support.

Seth Bergstrom, master chair maker.We are also glad to be able to present hand crafted chairs by Seth Bergstrom, master chair maker.

English Lath-back windsor side chairs made in the traditional way by Seth Bergstrom.

Here is a set of Seth's English Lath-back side chairs made in the traditional windsor style.

Traditional splat-back windsor chair by Seth Bergstrom .. . .and here a beautiful splat back detail .on a clasic Double-bow Windsor.

English windsor chair setting

. . . a full setting of English Braced Bow-back side chairs with a Sack-back Carver at each end.

James Stewart, 'The Village Chairmaker' is also willing to bring his particular blend of style and skill into the equation. . .

James Stewart: New Zealand master windsor chair maker

James Stewart Bow back windsor chair with bamboo turningsHe tends to make Windsors that have that light, fine, early American style and shaping. . .
This is a Bow-back sidechair with 'bamboo' pattern turnings. . .it also features traditional milk paint finish, avilable in a range of authentic colours.

Handmade 'sackback' windsor construction by James Stewart James also has no electical power to his workshop. . .he uses simple technology and hand tools to make chairs like this 'Sack- back' Windsor

Here's the complete 'Sack-back' Windsor with milk paint and natural oiled details.


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