Opus libero Bench-top Details

Kitchen furniture tops. . .
The island, dresser, sideboard and table tops are the main areas you look at, or down on and the surface that takes most of the wear in a kitchen. Following are some of the more appropriate materials which we use but we are able to supply any contemporary bench top material if you find it suitable for your needs.



Knobs and Handles


Bench tops

Furniture Timbers




Ceiling tiles

Present work


Timber Bench-topsTimber has been by far the most used bench material in kitchen furniture and we have our timber range for you to choose from.
The tops can be finished in oil, lacquer or high impact resistant glass finish.

Marble Bench-topMarble tops are traditional especially for pastry work. . . their drawback is that the stone is some what soft and stains easily. . .with care however they are still worth considering, particularly for island tops.
We used a 50mm thick slab brought in from Italy for a return top and it looked stunning!

Granite Bench-topGranite is also natural stone and still porous and so can be subject to staining. . .it is however much harder than marble and is available in a large range of colours and patterns. . .see the range here.

Tiled Bench-topOur Tiled top detail adds beautiful colour and pattern to the kitchen!
The tiles provide a hard, clean and heat resistant surface which will last a life time. . .
We display a wide selection of colours and designs here
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