The Opus libero Essence range was our first step into the realms of the unfitted kitchen. . .It carries the essential character of kitchen furniture without being too definite about specific styles or detailing.
Although it is a range, because it is still hand made to order, each piece tends to be different and in fact the potential to alter the designs is as open as with any of the furniture we make.

There are four items of furniture in the range at present. . .we tend to make
them in oak and finish them with a natural finish.


The Sink cabinet is a simple two door piece with an over-mounted stainless sink. . .it will accommodate a one and a quarter bowls and drainer unit.

It is usually around 1 metre wide x 600mm deep x 900mm high.

You just place it where you want it to stand, usually against a wall, and your plumber simply connects up the pipe work.

Essence Sink cabinet

The Corner cabinet is useful for those making the transition between contemporary fitted kitchens and the completely unfitted kitchen. . .it helps them get their head around the corners!

It is a 900mm x 900mm x 900mmm high cabinet and can have an 820mm chrome carousel set fitted if required.


Essence Corner cabinet


The Pantry cabinet for food or crockery storage has a good capacity and can be doubled up as a pair of cabinets if more storage space is needed.

This Pantry has a combination of draws and cupboards with a small chrome swivel shelf unit in the bottom of the tall section . . . other configurations are possible.

This cabinet is 1800mm high x 1100mm wide x 600mm deep.

Essence Pantry cabinet

The Island / Server is the ideal companion to the other pieces. . It can be used in the centre of your kitchen space as an accessible island top or against the wall to increase bench space and open storage.

This version has one drawer at the end, a pull-out cutting board at the front and two shelves. . . the bottom one is slatted.
It is 1000mm wide x 600mm deep x 900mm high.

Essence Island unit

Essence KitchenHere is a kitchen layout for the Essence range. It includes two corner units, one sink cabinet, one pantry and an island bench with a marble top.

The cabinets have stainless bar handles for a slightly more contemporary look.



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